5 Cool Kitchen Appliances, Help You To Cook Healthier

These Kitchen Appliances going to help while diet changes and portion management will assist you to come through your fitness goals, the approach the food you eat is overdone conjointly plays a necessary role within the journey. You do not solely wish to chop the carbs and fat however conjointly wish to eat food that retains the nutrients you wish. And to form prepping and preparing healthy food straight forward, these kitchen appliances can come back to your rescue!. Here is some kitchen appliances list with the price for you:

Food Steamer

food steamer TOS
Food Steamer

Steamed food is healthier as a result of you don’t get to use any fat for preparing the food. It’s conjointly higher than boiling as a result of this technique retains all the nutrients in food.

A food steamer will be used for vegetables, poultry, fish, and meat. get one that features a stackable style thus you’ll be able to cook additional and varied things along. Add healthy seasonings like herbs and spices to the boiling water for style. you’ll be able to conjointly use vegetable or stock rather than plain water for steaming!

Price Range: Rs 700 to 3000

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Non-Stick kitchen utensil

Non-Stick Utensil TOS
Non-Stick Utensil

Quality non-stick kitchen utensil will assist you to sear, roast, or grill vegetables and meat while not adding further fat. you’ll be able to conjointly use non-stick ware for pancakes, omelets, and more. think about all the calories you’ll skip consumption at each meal!

Price Range: Rs 200 to 3000

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Air Fryer

Air Fryer TOS
Air Fryer

Healthy food doesn’t need to be boring, and if cooked foods are your guilty pleasure, move and bask in them once in a very whereas. Better yet, create cooked food healthier than the same old fare with the associate degree air fryer! but, note that air fryers don’t fry food at all; these appliances heat quickly and flow into hot air that leaves foods crisp and brunet on the surface and damps on the within, quite almost like cooked food minus the fat.

Price Range: Rs 800 to 11000

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Spiralizer or Chopper

Chopper TOS

Looking to chop back on the carbs however love your pasta? A spiralizer is simply what you need! Use this neat device to show vegetables like carrots and zucchini into noodles, append your favorite dressing, and luxuriate into your heart’s content. you’ll be able to conjointly invest in a very spiral slicer with completely different blades for various cuts.

Price Range: Rs 99 to 500

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Blender TOS

Fresh vegetables and fruit juice made convert your normal breakfast into a proper balance diet. Invest in a very simple juicer/blender for the house to simply convert contemporary foods to a healthy diet. A blender may also be used to charge your mobile phone through USB cable. It was a good battery backup, once you charge it you can carry this to anywhere to make your fruit juice.

Price Range: Rs 250 to 600

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If you think that your kitchen appliance is simply for serving to you with chopping vegetables for meals or kneading roti dough, assume again! There’s most you’ll be able to do with this appliance, be it creating food dough or grinding idli and dosa batter. scan on for a few exciting ways in which for employing a kitchen appliance.

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